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Cornwall skies with 9x63 bins 20/7/12


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Finally a clear night last night on hols to try my new low light binos out. I managed to get in teh shadow of the farm barns from the farm cottage porch lights and this gave a tremendous southern view with Scorpio and Saggitarius bot suprisingly high compared to my view from home.

As my eyes got dark adapted it quickly became eveident that this place was dark and clear, the milky way just stood out so well and the scutum and saggitarius star clouds looked like high cloud or mist, until I put my bins on them. WOW :o M8 The Lagoon was the big and bright, so I moved up a bit and found the M20 triffid cor blimey these skies and bins are something else :D

OK fired with enthusiasm I moved up the milky way and found M16 the Eagle, the cluster was easy to identify and the surrounding nebulosity was quite obvious in its shape fanning out either side of the cluster.

Globular clusters were every where it seemed. I felt like everywhere I pointed the binos there was a blob. M22 was impressive. I moved over to Scorpio and could detect M4 easily and M80. I then just scanned up into Ophiuchus and bagged M10, 12 and 14 easily.

Shifting over to galaxies next I found M31 with ease, M81 and 82 were there in their glory so I tried M51 for a laugh, and there it was a little jewel showing 2 definite components but very small.

I went back south and tried for M27, very bright, the Coathanger was very nice then I went over to M11 the Wild Duck cluster.

I spent another half hopur just scanning until my arms got tired

I can honestly say I have never had so much from a clear sky and a pair of binos, the 63 mm aperture pulls the light in without being too heavy and the 9 mag is low enough to keep steady when hand held and the field of view is exceptional.

I shall try and do this again soon wetaher permitting

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Nice report Phil - they sound like a great alternative to the 15x70's - wish we had skies that clear up here :)

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You must be really pleased with that purchase Phil. Sounds like you had a very memorable night.

Bring us back some of those skies and some more 9 x 63s when you come home.

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Awesome night Phil, I get similar nights in Norfolk and see similar stuff with my 10x42's.

Lightweight bins and a sunlounger is an awesome conbination, and of course dark skies.

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I have always enjoyed bino observing when on hols but my usual binos either a 10x25 or an old pair of russian heavyweight 10x50s with extreme coma have taken some of the kick away from it. I was contemplating the Celestron 15x70s, although great binos for the price, are a bit high powered and a bit heavier than what I wanted so when I saw these in teh shop I had to have a play.

I shall have to get a sunlounger now Mick

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They are Inpro Nightfall low light 9x63. Yep I had never heard of them until I did a bit of research.

They were a Newport company that imported them and badged them according to the guarantee but as they went out of business a year or so ago I dont think the guarantee would be worth a great deal. Celestron do some as well as bresser I understand. These have had good reviews and were on offer so after a test across Falmouth harbour from the back porch of the shop I judged them to be pretty good. I was out last night with them as well and even though my skies werent as good as Cornwall they were still delivering

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