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M 57 again but better.


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Hi folks

Back on M 57 again last night.

This time I decided to try increasing the length of the subs to 5 mins.

I backed the ISO down to 400.

I think the improvement in colours especially the red is a lot better.

Any tips advice on further improvements would be greatly appreciated.

Hope you like.



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A lot more color this time and detail grat image


Cheers Pat its getting there.

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Graham, the colour is there. I just think a tweak with focus would have helped.


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Colour and image scale are good Graham but as Paul says the focus could do with a bit more work. I have found focus is everything in astro imaging but unfortunately its not that easy to achieve.

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Very nice Graham.

You got the spiral galaxy IC1296 as well, though it is just an elongated smudge which is the central bar. The galaxy is a 15th mag barred spiral, but the surface brightness is much fainter. It is over 200 million light years away. Whereas M57 is about 2300 light years.

On the enlarged image it is at about 5 oclock from M57. There is a vertically elongated diamond of stars. IC1296 is just above and left slightly of the right most star of the diamond.

Here's a deeper view from google images showing the galaxy and arms. Just rotate it 90 degrees right to match the orientation.


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Thanks for the kind word folks.

Going to try to sort out the focus next time.

Peter thank you for the info on IC1296 another new one for the list.

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