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Sunday was good


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Went to a BBQ with great food

On return to home it was looking promising so I unwrapped the scopes for some visual

Yes visual

a few doubles while it got a bit darker, a couple of globs M15 m13 M31 veil 27 57 double double to start with

I split the D/D with the Tak 102 at x51 and the 132 at x 57 with the 16mm UWAN but could not with the 20mm Nag at x 41 and x46 and could not lay my hands on the 18mm

spent about 50 mins trying to spot NGC6888 with various filters to no avail , I reckon it will need the dob for this with an O111 filter

Went back out still cloudy

as I packed away the eyepieces shut the laptop down capped the scopes the wind picked up and it cleared again

out with the eyepieces bino viewer and finished off with m45 Jove with Io very close by and Venus

the other 1/2 had a look as well for the first time in years and really enjoyed it I don't think she has seen Venus so clear before

If the weather looks like holding I will have to get set up again for imaging

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Nice one Steve, I must admit to doing more visual these days although I still like imaging its not taking the priority it used to. The crescent is a toughy, Ive never yet found it visually despite trying for sometime last year even with an O111 I think I shall have another bash but with the 6" this time

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I got the crescent NGC6888 with the dob using an O111 filter also a UHC

then I glimpsed it in the 132 also with the O111

sat in a darked room for 1/2 hour

once I got it it was much easier reacquiring it

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