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M 31 from last night.


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Last night was the first time I had ever seen M 31 through a camera and I am still a bit shell shocked now.

The shear size and bightness of it astounded me.

It took me several attempts to get a sub which wasn't blown out.

I settled on 60 second subs at ISO 400.

After processing I think even that was too much.

Any way I settled down a got 70 subs.

combined with 21 darks I put them through DSS.

Stephen did warn me it was a bitch to process in PS and he was not kidding.

I have had 8 or 9 attempts but keep overdoing it.

The photo I have posted is my last attempt and even that is bloody awful.

If the cloud gods are willing I will have another go at it tonight but I will use shorted subs.

Hopefully I will be able to combine the two sets and maybe just maybe get something half decent.

Apolagies for this photo but maybe some one could tell me what I am doing wrong.

Can some one also tell me why I cannot upload the TIF version of this.

When I tried I got this message :-

31.tif You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file

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Looks good Graham, I imagine you can't upload TIF's because they will be big for a start, you might be better off uploading to photobucket or something similar and using the image code


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Graham, that is very good! I don't think the core is blown that much, I think you just need more subs of the same, lots more ;)

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You got a fair rendering of the outer dust lanes there Mike. Folks allways say though that it's hard to get the right balance of core and dust lanes in M31 so they both show up well. Great effort mate :)

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I think you have good core data there Graham.

I'd be tempted to shoot longer subs at 800 for the dust lanes etc and experiment with layer masking.

Which is EXACTLY what I'll be attempting at a later date.


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had a play with curves "S" type

might be able to pull more out with a less compressed file

Edited by Ibbo
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I must remember to refresh the page.

I tried longer subs last night and I just got a white screen.

Layer masks ?? oh I guess some more reading is going to have to occur.

Thanks folks

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got the screen shot to work

shut down and restart and threat of extreme violence

the workflow was something like the attached

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Feel free to put the tif on dropbox or somewhere, we can all have a proper play then biggrin.png

I do not understand why I cannot load it on here, are TIF's not allowed.

It is only 29mb and the limit is 32mb.

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M31 sure is a big object, when you look at it through a scope it looks just like a small fuzzy blob then when you start pulling in photons on a camera chip its huge. Nice dust lanes coming through Graham

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