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Phillips SPC880NC


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Hi All


New boy here.


I am an imposter I suppose. Don't get me wrong, astronomy is interesting but its not really my thing just now.


I am interested in digitising old 8mm cine film and apparently the SPC880NC is (or was), a useful camera for this purpose. I bought one a couple of months back on ebay and it has just sat on my desk since. This camera is from the era of Windows XP but a bit of googling reveals that it may just be possible to get it working with Windows 10.


Can any of you astrotypes help me out?


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This may help with driver 

1) Download and run the driver "install" spc900nc_00_dw7_aen.exe. You can get it from the Phillips website but here is the a link https://www.philips.ca/c-p/SPC900NC_00/webcam-with-pixel-plus/support

2) Once the install is complete, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Philips\Philips SPC900NC PC Camera\vista64 right click on camdrv42.sys and select Copy

3) Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers and paste ( drag and drop will work as well )

4) Restart (This is important)

5) On the windows tool bar in "Type here to search" type in Device Manager and click on the program in the results

6) In Device Manager Under "OtherDevices"right click The Unknown device (there should only be one) and select "Update Driver"

7) Click "Browse my computer for driver software"

😎 Click "Let me pick from a list"....

9) Double Click "Show all devices"

10) Under The Manufacturer window, scroll down to "Philips CE CSI"

11) In the Model window select "Philips SPC 900NC PC Camera"

12) Click "Next"

13) On the Driver Update Warning window, Click yes

14) enjoy!

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Thanks for the reply Bottletoburly. I saw your same instructions on a post from a few years ago I believe.  The thing is, I want the camera to work on Windows 10. The link you provided has no drivers for windows 10.


I have seen instructions that indicate that the camera can be made to work on Windows 7 but you need to install the new driver/firmware/software on the camera using a machine running windows XP before you can use it on a windows 7 machine. 


What I was after was confirmation that the procedure described will allow the camera to work with windows 10.


I have seen a good few posts on forums like yours describing how to get the camera working with the windows version of the time, but these posts are all dated about 10 years ago. Pre windows 10.


If I ask around I am confidant that I could find an XP machine to give it a try, I was just hoping to find confirmation that it can be done.



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Then I’d buy a copy of xp from a software reseller I’m sure they cheap as chips install on a second hardrive and boot from that on startup it’s not like your going to waste an expensive camera if it doesn’t work or boot and run Xp from a usb stick https://turbogadgetreviews.com/how-to-run-windows-xp-from-usb-flash-drive/

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