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Is it me??

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Last night I settled on M81 & 82 as they were furthest from the bright Moon. I set up and aligned as usual and framed & focused the target.

I used my usual settings on the Hypercam 183c, Gain 400 and exposure of 120secs. I did 50 exposures, they looked a little dark on the APT

screen but when I came to stack them on DSS only 2 frames were used and only 6 stars registered. Now were the conditions and seeing pretty

bad last night after snow or do I need to alter my settings of gain and exposure and recheck my focusing??  I've never had a problem before

as I usually get enough star's to register in DSS. I'm at a bit of a loss! Any suggestions or comment about last night's weather would be welcomed....



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I am guessing the 2 that stacked were from earlier in the night.

The moon and thin high cloud was doing a great job of obscuring the stars etc. and eventually the mist settled in and that was end of play.



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I had the same issue ...

Did m42 in ha then as that went out of view had a crack at the whirlpool galaxy ...and none of the data I captured on either target was usable ...

I'm guessing like Ibbo said thin cloud 😔.

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