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Picture of the Month January 2021


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Well here we are at the start of another year, happy new year everyone. The weather has been up to it's usual tricks again limiting astro time. But then it is winter I suppose and only to be expected. But some of you have been out there braving the elements gathering photons and posting some excellent images.


Comets, Asteroids etc

Graham grabbed some hits from the Quadrantids



Deep Sky

Neo has got back into imaging well with his first image in 10 years



Ibbo gave us a shot of  sh2 -231232


and his Squid image just gets better


Loads of detail in his Monkey Head Nebula


plus a view of an oft neglected object sh2-170


and one from September of the Crescent



Bottletopburly's Iris nebula shows some lovely colour



I like the composition of ChrisP's Jellyfish Nebula image



RonC gave us an image of M42



Derbyshire Dave's image of the Elephants Trunk shows great colour and detail



8472 gave us Simeis 147



Peter Shah made us all jealous with his round up of images from his remote site


Peters M82 shows superb colour and depth


and his pictures of the remote scope made us even more envious of the scope and skies.



After making us all drool with his pics of his new scope Graham got a first light which means he has yet to pay his cloud penance.




Sunny Phil was out snapping lunar



Derbyshire Dave was out there as well



and an interesting video



Even I got a scope out and managed a few subs



Ibbo gave us a Gibbous shot



Alis80b gave us her first ever astro photograph with her new kit




Some good activity captured by Ibbo and Graham our solar image guru,s













A good startrail effect from Derbyshire Dave

https://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/18863-geartrails/ it's always nice to see our gear under a starlit sky and this is a nice take on that.


Ok you lot, how do I choose one out of these superb images eh? 😀 You aren't making it easy at all, there are loads of great images, many which would easily adorn covers of any astro mag.


We have seen images this month from experienced and non experienced imagers alike plus images taken with both ends of the astro gear spectrum.


After a lot of deliberation and flicking through images I have narrowed it down to 2 this month which not only go wow, (as most images this month have) but they make me go wow for other reasons.


8472 and his image of Simeis 147. A good image yes but look at the kit he took it with. An Olympus  E-PL5 micro four thirds camera, (yes a 4/3 sensor) fitted with a vintage Pentax Takumar lens. Not your traditional stuff here and to take such an accomplished image shows what can be done.


Alis80b's first ever image through her new scope also deserves a special mention. She nailed focus and exposure to give a clean sharp image with gear which she has only just got, well done.


So, for picture of the month this month 8472s Simeis 147 takes it but with Alis80b's moon shot a very close second.


Well done to them and to every one else, keep the images coming.


Keep well and safe everyone



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Thanks Phil, well done to Kev, a great image, and also well done to Alis80b on your excellent first image post.

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Despite the poor weather there are some excellent images in there this month.


A well deserved winner there Kev, it is an amazing image.

Congratulations to Alison for her first image, here's to many more.


Many thanks Phil for the round up and judging.

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Well done all. Feel a bit ashamed I have data I have not processed from a couple of months now. But pulling double shifts at the moment. Full

ones at work then 7 hour shifts at derby arena vaccination centre.  Don’t seem to have any time left but to sleep 😪. Will get round to them I hope at some point 

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Superb round up yet again, Phil.


Thanks all - there have been some cracking images posted this month, despite the weather.


Let's hope we all get some more favourable conditions this month!





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Ahhh! I hadn't seen this and didn't even know there was a picture of the month until Martyn told me! 😂


Thank you for picking me as runner up!! I feel a bit of a fraud after seeing all the amazing photos but I really appreciate the kind comments and encouragement! 😊

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