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Attention! Current and would-be Pixinsight users

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Good day everyone.

Im setting up some zoom meetings on the subject of photo processing using Pixinsight. There are lots of on-line tutorials to follow but no help when you get stuck. I’m extending the offer to all forum members as a bit of a discussion forum and self help group.

To get the ball rolling, here are some Pixinsight topics. I’d like you to think which you’d like to discuss.

 I’ll set up the first call as a meet and greet for us to agree the first in-depth topic to cover, such as:


stacking workflow including basic image analysis and selection

processing workflow (mono camera)

processing workflow (one shot colour/ RGB) 

processing RGB with a duo-narrowband filter 

Noise reduction ( a topic on its own)



you get the idea! Loads to go at. As for the technology to do so, you’ll need a Zoom account, webcam and a microphone on your PC you can mute. Sessions would run no more than x2 40 mins sessions.


Our first call would give me the chance test the tech and agree the best time to run future sessions ( if there’s any appetite for them)


A Zoom meeting invite will be posted on the forum forTuesday 9th February 2021 at 7pm-7:40pm


Hope you can join me and support a bit if self help and learning


bye for now 







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8 minutes ago, Glafnazur said:

Great idea Chris, I'll join if I'm able to. Is it be possible to record the sessions and post them in the forums for folk who can't make it?

I haven’t tried it but I believe you can - worth giving it a go I reckon- good shout

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I'm a member of the Derby & District Astronomical Society and we have started to record our zoom meetings. In fact we had one earlier tonight - Observing Nebulae with Martin Griffiths and it was very good.

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That is a great idea Chris. Always keen to learn and improve so I would be interested.


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