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Flats conundrum solved maybe 🤔

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For a while I have had a flats problem, thinking at first it was caused by the led panel not working right , using different panels etc along the way , well this week I picked up on a post on Startools forum https://forum.startools.org/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2103of a chap in the USA using a Nikon D5300 same as mine turns out Nikon use some sort of compression on the raw  file that causes issues for Astrophotography users , luckily a uk user sharkmelley has written some code to fix this issue prior to stacking and from what I have read seems to solve the issue so I’m hoping fingers crossed , so I need to convert raw to dng format then run the program that sharkmelly has written on the dng files Light /flats and darks , bias  leaving me with fixed images to stack , pi users can run a script that sharkmelly wrote too but as not everyone uses pi he wrote a windows exe too , what a great community we have in astronomy (Note , some newer Nikon’s have a menu where this compression can be turned off )

list of cameras affected copied from post on CN 

The application should now work with the following lossy compressed file types:

D5100/D5200/D5300  14-bit and 12-bit
D500               14-bit and 12-bit
D600/D610          14-bit and 12-bit
D7000/D7100/D7500  14-bit and 12-bit
D3S/D3X            14-bit and 12-bit
D4                 14-bit and 12-bit
D800/D800E/D850/Df 14-bit and 12-bit

D5500/D5600        14-bit
D7200              14-bit
D750/D810          14-bit

D3100/D3200/D3300  12-bit
D5000              12-bit
1 V1/1 J1          12-bit

CN post link here https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/746131-nikon-coloured-concentric-rings/page-8

so hopefully I will squire some fresh data to try on on the meantime I will see if I can dig some old data out a have a play .

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13 minutes ago, Graham said:

Life is never easy and straight forward is it.

Hopefully you have now sorted your issues.

hopefully graham 

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