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Do LP fitlers work ? Just a bit. lol.


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Hi folks.

After I had finished doing Pat's roof he very kindly gave me a 2 inch LP filter to help me with my photos.

Well I decided to give it a test last night.

After making an adaption to it so I could use it with my camera adapter I set up the scope up on my old friend. M 51.

This was so I could make a direct comparison to the best photo I have achieved on this target.

This is the previous best I have managed.

This is what I took last night.

Bearing in mind last nights photo was stacked in DSS.

Then processed in PS in less than ten mins first thing this morning so I could see the effect if any.

I think the results speak for themselves.

So my verdict is.

LP filter - 1

No filter - 0

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Like I said I only crashed it through PS on curves and levels to see what it looked like.

I will do a proper process when I get time.

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