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Earth-alike planet

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That website seems a bit duff to me, primarily focuses on the supernatural and paranormal and monster's ??????  


Personally I like to keep my feet planted in the here and now, based in fact, double blind, placebo controlled replicable testing.  Science and skepticism are key.


There are much better web sites out there to look for Earth like planet stories, personally I would go to (directly), either NASA, ESO (who originally ran the article) or one of the many other space agencies.


I personally would not get my science / space news from a website that focuses on Paranormal Activity, UFO'S, Ancient Worlds, Monsters and the Supernatural.


Thats like wanting to find out about horses and going to MyLittlePony.com

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Regardless of the site's other content, the article was fairly factual as far as I could tell. The Starshot project is based on scientific principles. Avi Loeb was at one time a consultant for that I believe. 


Loeb's known for postulating the hypothesis that Oumuamua may have been an extraterrestrial artefact. Loeb's no crank; he is/was a tenured professor of astronomy at Harvard. His book about Oumuamua is thought provoking and he analysed the tracking data obtained from the object itself. There's still a lot that hasn't satisfactorily been explained.


Science and scepticism may well be the key, but a sense of wonder and an active imagination are just as important. Carl Sagan read Burrough's A Princess of Mars as a schoolboy. It inspired him to become an astronomer and a writer of science fiction. He was a scientist with the soul of an artist. 





There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
~ Hamlet 

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Ohh I agree, it is wonder that made things the way they are today.  If Newton and Galileo and Marie Curie did not wonder, we could be in a very different place right now.


The point I was making, is that if you want to post about an interesting article (which is fine), why not get it direct from the source?


While the article was factually correct (if rather short), I gather more information was obtainable from ESO them selves, no need to post a link from a monsters and UFO website.

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Yeah, I used to post astronomical articles from io9 but it's probably better to link from the original source. The io9 (now Gizmodo science) astronomy articles are usually well written but the site doesn't seem to be as informative as it once was. It reminded me of the old Omni magazine. I always suspected io9 was influenced by Omni and later discovered it was its main inspiration. Omni was a great eclectic mix of science, sci fi, speculation, and just plain weirdness. It was ahead of its time in a way. I don't know whether it's me, but io9 seems to be going downhill these days. Nothing lasts for ever I suppose. 

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