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Secondary dew heater

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Just installed a secondary dew heater made by 4Tronix from first light optics , easily installed, wire could be Longer  in my opinion so a short tail then an extension plugs in to join to your dew heater I may email 4tronix see if they can do a single cable to required length also slotted a screw hole used to hold plastic trim in on end of ota to hide wire else you can’t put end cap on scope  , now just need to check collimation after re installing focuser with trimmed draw tube.large.8F050B48-FB51-4AEA-8FB0-2672B670F112.jpeg.502844def69fcc89381b2d6e9b52103f.jpeglarge.409DEAD7-2C68-4D78-9243-C9EBF5DFB567.jpeg.fbf53ab413e2f0ae958d7d90722a104c.jpeg

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I have a little junction box spliter velcroed to the top and back of my ota. My secondary heater is wired in to it and i plug my telrad heater in the side port and then one cable to the dew controller and run both from one port. Courtesy of Baz I must add. Oh don't forget the black duct tape, most important!! My dust cover does go back on but you have to make sure the clips don't line up with the wire. Also with only a short cord attached to the scope its not pulling on your spider.




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