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Double Cluster - Cadwell 14 - NGC869 + 844


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Having only "found" this last week and then having an excelent visual through Eddy's new scope, I decided to have a crack at this tonight. There is a wonderfull range of colours in these two open clusters, although I don't feel it shows too well in this image.

Scope is st80 with 350D. Best 80% of 30 subs, 30 secs @ ISO 800. Equal darks plus 10 x flats.

Stacked in DSS and process in PS5

Taken 30/07/12

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Nice one Mike, this is becoming one of my favorite objects to look at, just love it. You have some good colours in there.

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I think I may have lost some already to be honest Steve, I might have another go later, it was getting on for 2:30am when I did that last night lol

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I really like star clusters and that's one of the best.

A few different colours captured and it looks great Mike.

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Just for the sake of being pedantic, NGC 844 is a 15th mag galaxy in Cetus.

The other half of the double cluster is NGC 884, but lot's of references incorrectly label it 844.

But whatever, it is a very nice image.

Sorry, but you know I like numbers :D .

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