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Common Club-tail


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Friendly little critter!

I just get the rubbish ones, had to chuck two queen wasps out of the bedroom before bed last night. So much for having your window open when it rains.

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Nice one Mick. Had butterflies, bees, wasps and mozzies on my hands but never a dragonfly.

I thought the name Common referred to Common as in land, e.g. Common Land or Common or Garden as oppossed to abundant or frequent. My old science teacher reckoned that anyrode but I lost confidence in his knowledge base when he didnt know about Orion

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Your science teacher could be right Phil, but if he didn't know about Orion I wouldn't trust him 😃


The story behind the hand is that while I was searching the nettles and scrubs for these beauties I found one trapped in a spiders web, there was a spider just sitting nearby waiting to pounce so I went in to rescue it. Well I cocked it up and it fell into the nettles, I could see it still wrapped in the web but lying on the floor, so I reached in to pick it up, stung myself to death on the nettles but I gently picked it up. While it sat in my palm, I removed as much of the web as I could and it basically just sat there for a couple of minutes cleaning itself and then flew off.


A very special moment.

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