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Live streaming to YouTube. HELP !!!!!

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I am in desperate need of help in the tech department.

I am trying to set up live streaming to YouTube for next weeks partial Solar eclipse.

I searched the net for the most recommended encoder which was OBS.


Simple to use it says. 👍

Streaming in 5 clicks it says 👍

Like B******S it does I say 😅


I duly downloaded OBS and installed it on my laptop which is an Acer Predator so no issues with its capabilities of running OBS .

Connecting up to the mount and Firecapture I found Firecapture would not talk to the Point Grey camera which was a little weird .

Not to worry I thought I would just download and install OBS on the Obs computer which is running Windows 10 and again is more than capable of running OBS.




I managed to connect to my live stream on YouTube no problem.

The problems started once it was streaming.


OBS kept dropping out and auto restarting streaming .

YouTube kept saying not enough video was being received although the connection was good.

The output in OBS kept dropping off to zero from 2000 Kbs even though it was set to only 30 frames per second. 

My Obs computer lost all sound output.


I have since had to do a full system restore to get the OBS computer working as it should again.


I gave up on OBS and tried to use the web cam option in YouTube.

Plugged in the web cam to the Obs computer and got told by YouTube it did not have a microphone enabled.

Once I got passed that stage it then told me my camera was being used by another program. Which it was not.


So I went back to the Laptop to try the Web cam on there.

Once again I got told it was being used by another program.


It ended up with me un installing OBS from everything .


Has anyone got any ideas suggestions or in fact another program I could use to sort this mess out.

The Eclipse is Thursday morning so the clock is ticking.


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I used OBS last time I did any You Tube live streaming.

It did take me ages to get it working and IIRC it was I also had the mic not being found problem.

I will try it later and try and remember what I did.


Sorry can't help off the top of my head.

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I think this was it


I ran Firecapture which was running the camera.

I then added firecapure as the "window capture" in OBS

then in OBS select duplicate screen in "transition"


Not sure if I had to plug in a webcam (with mic muted) so it would stop moaning about no audio.


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Posted (edited)

Thanks Steve.

I have come up with a work around solution for this.

I purchased a new web cam off Amazon which arrived this afternoon.

I run the web cam streaming on my Laptop and set the web cam up on a tripod  in front of the Obs computer screen.

Did a few test runs and it works pretty well I am pleased to say.

Hopefully the sun will be out tomorrow when I get home from work so I can test it out live.


I daren't put OBS back on the Obs computer in case it messes it up again.

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