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GreenKat 10x50 Extra Wide Angle Binos


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Just picked a pair of these up from a fair the other day for £12. In great condition except there was sign of mold on the inside of the objectives. The seller wanted £20 but after showing them the mold issue they accepted 12.

Now its always a gamble with mold on objectives. It will have taken the coating off for sure (called Ultra Violet coatings on these, possibly flourite), but if it is bad it may have etched the glass.

However the trails of mold weren't too extensive so I went for it.


I opened them up yesterday and the objectives cleaned up a treat with no mold any more but in certain light you can see the coatings have been affected but nothing too bad. Whilst I had the Objectives out I cleaned that side of the prisms.


The views are really good through these, very clear and bright with good coma control.

The wide angle is 367ft at 1000 yards it says on the body and this translates to a large swathe of sky.


Greenkat did some good and some poor stuff in their day but the bino's always had a good reputation and I can see why, I am impressed. spacer.png





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