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Picture of the Month, July 2012


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Astrotec Limited started the month with a re process of his M51, http://www.eastmidla...51-reprocessed/.

M57 was popular this month, todd8137 caught a good one, http://www.eastmidla.../1916-m57-fail/, as did oldfruit, http://www.eastmidla...stial-doughnut/.

Perkil8r grabbed a huge M31, http://www.eastmidla...aken-at-belper/ from the Belper Dark Site.

Eddy_J1 caught the Moon in all of its glory, http://www.eastmidla...oon-29-07-2012/.

Ibbo grabbed some fantastic Solar, http://www.eastmidla...t-a-bit-of-sun/.

philjay imaged some Solar spots, http://www.eastmidla...sc-white-light/.

oldfruit found an old image of Noctulucent clouds, http://www.eastmidla...om-the-archive/.

In conclusion, this months winner, with the ever popular M31 is Perkil8r.

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Congratulations Mike, well done.

Outstanding contributions from all the other dark side conspirators!

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Guest Fluke

Well done Mike and to thanks to all the other contributions.

Goes to show that there are some great photo opportunities out there even in summer.

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A well deserved POM win, Mike.

I've seen M31 images published in books that aren't as good as yours.

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:blush: Thanks for the kind words etc, and a big well done to everybody else too, there have been some very good images for what should be a bit of a quiet month considering the lack of darkness and clear skies!
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