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Kelling 2022 Booking thread only


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I need to know who is booking for Kelling 2022 as this year I only have till mid November to sort out before the pitches go back for others to book.  I will let you all know booking references before Kelling for those who have confirmed they want to go


222        Sheila           Booked

223        EMS pitch     Booked 

224        Daz               Booked

225        Pitch lost

226        Pitch lost       

227        Pitch lost             

228        Stephen         Booked    

229        G4SJI             Booked 

230        Tasking          Booked

231.       Dennis            going confirmed   assume booked?          
237        Pitch lost         

238        Dave JW         Booked 

239        Geezanova      Booked  

240        Allan               Booked

241        C Golder.        Booked

Will be some spare pitches it seems next year





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Yes please, if theres a pitch available.

4 nights : Thursday - Sunday nights (22 Sept - 25 Sept, departing on the Monday)



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Hi Sheila,

 Booked and paid Sheila. Although there are spare pitches in the middle, I'll be on my usual 206, just opposite. I need the fully serviced pitch because of my bad back. You can add me to the list as a definite though please

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Can everyone check the booked pitches are correct and if anyone wants the empty pitches let me know. 

after this all the other pitches will be returned to kelling and we will not have them for next year. 

also everyone after next year will have to book their own pitches as they will be booked by the folks on each pitch for the following year and if not kelling will reallocate on first come first served. We already lost a pitch to this policy this year 


done my best to keep us all together but we are a bit split up now. 

Binoviewer….  Let me know which pitch you want and I will give you the booking reference for that pitch   I am not sure kelling really understood this year about our booked pitches for EMS

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Thank you Shelia for sorting everything out for all those years,  a thank last task and I hope EMS give you acknowledgement for all these years you've kept this together   you see you in December 

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Pitches as noted are now being handed back to Kelling.  Please remember when you attend in 2022 if you want your pitch then please book whilst

you are there as we now have fewer pitches.



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