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Back on M 31 again


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Well after spending the day totally stripping and rebuilding my poor old EQ 5 the weather gods felt kind and gave me a crystal clear night.

I decided to test the mount by doing 3 min subs at ISO 400.

I am well chuffed at the way the mount performed as it is the first time since I have owned it that there has been zero back lash in it.

Because of work commitments I was restricted to just 30 subs.

Stacked the best 15 in DSS along with only 5 Darks.

Processed badly in Photo shop 6.

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Ed if you think that is bright you should see the 10 min sub I did. lol

I only did it that long to test the mount out.

Pat never fear the nice cold clear nights will soon be with us again.

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Ed I will dig it out for you.

Steve don't think it will make a lot of difference once the wear spots on the worm gear bed back in the back lash will be back. lol

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