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Registax - any "expert" users please?

Guest Astroplodder

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Guest Astroplodder

Just a quick one to kick this off - and apologies if this has been covered elsewhere - navigating a "new" (to me) website invariably throws up my lack of reading around the forums....



I use this to stack my images - some in the gallery if you haven't seen them.

My experience is, however, *very* limited so is there anybody - or any plans please - to have some "hands on" sessions either one-to-one or group work with someone who knows about image processing?

I'd be very interested if there is or if there are plans to have such sessions. Thanx.

I've got to walk the dog now (!!) but I'd be delighted if someone can help and/ or a general discussion can take place about possible hands on work?

Thank you

AP aka Genya

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Hi Genya

I am not sure if you are aware of these...

If you go to youtube and type in Registax tutorials there is quite alot of info.

I tried to copy the link for you but it was very large (Not sure how people shorten these)....Thanks to Stephen here is the link



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There was talk a while back at a session I went to at the Notts Trent uni observatory of hands on sessions with planetary imaging and stacking. I know Steve (Ibbo on here) is very good with all facets of imaging and also Noel (Glider) is an imaging expert :)

I would very much be interested in a hands on session if anything comes to fruition :)

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I'm dipping my toes into imaging too. A month or so ago, Steve aka Ibbo did a presentation at the Belper dark site, it was very informative and helped a lot. I am no expert but if I can help in any way just ask away. Asking questions on here will almost always result in some very usefull pointers and answers from a number of members.

If you go onto You Tube, there is a very good registax tutorial by Astronomyshed, it is presented by another member on here called Dion, although it is quite rare to see him about here. The tutorial is though very good and will certainly help.

Any questions though, just ask on here and if any of us know an answer we'll certainly chip in :)

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After watching Steve's presentation has made me realise that such a thing actually exists and what it's for. I'm even going to give it a go myself, I'm going to start by learning how to use the programme using other peeps pics first and take it from there. Don't hold your breath or watch this space, lol.

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