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Very Quick Session With 15x70's


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As some of you know I herniated a disc in my back about 3 weeks ago now and have only really been properly mobile this week.

I saw the skies were clear above my extremely light polluted house but for once the house that overlooks my backyard did not have their light on which meant my yard was (relatively) dark.

Dosed up on a concoction of opiate and anxiolytic family drugs (legally prescribed I might add!) I could just about manage to hold the Celestron Skymaster 15x70's for shorter periods. Couldn't lift the horizon 8115 tripod unfortunately.

I lasted only 40 minutes before my back started playing up. In that time I spent some time scanning Cassiopeia trying to locate M103 and M52 but could not-it was just over my house on the street light side so a lot of skyglow causing problems. So I turned my attention to Cygnus which was directly overhead and started by just looking at Deneb for a few minutes. I then moved onto Sadr in an attempt to find M29 and located it fairly easily as a very faint fuzzy patch. That's a new one for me so I was pleased with that. When my back is better I will get the 200P on it (hopefully at Kelling!). I spent quite a while looking at M29. I then took a cursory look at the double cluster (I always do if I can see cassiopeia) I love the double cluster even in bins :) however even that was quite washed out due to the damn street lights. I had a quick look for M76 but again was unsuccessful. So as not to feel like I was finishing on a 'downer' I pointed the bins towards hercules and quickly found M13 as an easily distinctive fuzzy patch which I have seen before :)

For a very quick session I was quite pleased, one new messier object and a couple of regulars. It was nice to just see the stars at last. Feels like its been too long what with all the cloud recently. Had I not had a bad back I would still be out there now with the scope but alas the pain is still quite bad and I want to save myself for Kelling. Here's to hoping the skies are clear that weekend :)

Happy observing everyone :)

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Good report Felix considering your circumstances! Hope you're fit and well for Kelling next week! Take care


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Nice one Felix.

Commiserations on the back - I managed to tweak mine on Monday, just changing the kitchen bin bag!! I leaned forward slightly and BANG - felt like someone had pushed a chisel into my spine. I've done it before so I have been very careful with it and luckily it hasn't gone into spasm and it seems to be on the mend. Nothing as bad a s yours sound, but I'm sure there are a lot of us with similar stories over the years.

Take it easy.


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Keep getting better Felix - my back's allmost ok again - still a spot achey but ought to be ok for loading the gear up tomorrow if I'm carefull.

Make sure you are well nursed in time for next week - even if you can't load the 200P it doesn't matter - I'll bring the 300P so you don't even need a scope really - we'll have plenty. :)

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Thanks for kind words guys. Am on the mend just gotta be careful and stay mobile.

Kim don't worry. I will be all good for Kelling. I'm doing my physio exercises and using a TENS machine which provides some relief. Am back to work on Monday and they are providing a special chair to keep my spine neutrally aligned which is good of them. Hope your back is all sorted be careful moving the 300P that things a beast!

It was nice to whet my appetite last night. I just couldn't help myself, it was the first time I had seen clear skies in a while. Feel a little worse for wear this morning though!

See those at kelling that are going :)

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It's nice getting out just to stare at the stars, so it has got to feel good bagging a new Messier.

Iam glad your mobile now, and don't forget my Dob is there if you want a squint.

Take care Felix.

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Yeah it was nice to be outside Martyn. Am not needing the painkillers as much either. Things are looking up (pun intended) :)

Was nice to get a new messier. I will endeavour to bring the 200P to kelling but will be coming to chat anyway and as I said a look through your 300 would be much appreciated :)

See you soon

P.S thanks Dan :)

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