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M 33 from tonight. My best image ever.


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Tonight I decided to have a crack at M33

Using the Helios 200 Newt and the un-modded Canon 350 D with a light pollution filter.

I went for 50 120 second subs at ISO 800.

I put these through DSS along with 11 darks and no flats.

For some strange reason DSS would only stack 15 of the subs so I wasn't very hopeful of the outcome.

Oh how wrong could I have been.

I sorted the colour balance and saturation using the adjustments in DSS.

I then put the resulting TIF into PS 6.

Just using the levels and curves I have produced what I would consider to be the best image I have ever managed to achieve.

In fact I am so excited by it I just had to fire up the laptop to share it with you all.

There is so much more data to get out of this as I have stretched the histogram half way across the screen without any combing at all.

This is a vastly reduced image to get it down to the 256 limit.

When drop box has finished uploading the finished 18.3 MB TIF I will put up the link.

Don't think I will bother going to bed now as I probably won't sleep.




Edited by Graham
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Guest Ely Ellis

Nice one Graham.

Pitty I can't download the full .tif from here, but I will have to remember when I get home.

Very impressive, gives me some hope of getting something myself, I just need a motorised mount though.

Anyway, well done, worth staying up for.


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Thanks folks.

That is only the quick processed version.

I am still working on the 'good' one. lol

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