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Hello all.

A quick question. I've just bought a year subscription for myself, but as my wife will attend most meets with me, do I need to buy one for her too? If I do, what is the best way to pay. Can I just pay again or would it be easier to set up an account for her?

Thanks. Hope to see some stars again soon.

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Just to let you know that I have raised the matter and we will get back to you in due course.

Don't feel left out if this takes a while, as a few of us will be away at Kelling.

It is a good point you have raised, and as we haven't been going a year yet, some things have got left behind a wee bit.

Personally, I wouldn't worry at the moment, come down to the dark site, as we would rather you attend than worry about it.

I'll stand a beating with a feather duster off the other mods if I have got it wrong.

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Hello Tobias welcome to EMS.

To answer your question, if your wife is attending the dark site with you and is using just your scope, so in other words you

are sharing the same scope then there is no need for a separate subscription.

But if she intends to be using her own scope then it's only fair she pays for her own dark site subscription.

Hope this is ok with you.

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