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M 27 tonight 11.09.2012


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Had to test the mount out.

So I was shooting 30 second subs between the clouds.

Managed about 50 before being totally clouded out.

Out of the 50 only 23 were usable.

Tried 4 times to stack them in DSS but it was having none of it for some reason.

Ended up stacking the best 50% above a score of 120.

That left only 9 subs.

Stacked in DSS

Quick brush up in PS 6.

For so little data it came out surprising well although I have lost all the colours from the stars converting it to a JPEG and reducing it down in size to put on here.

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Nice image

Found myself also drawn to all the little astersims/clusters ? in shot

Just left of Lower centre looks like a crushed Orion (not the car)

If Dss had played up anymore that little star cluster would not be the only thing that looked like a crushed Orion. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Always nice to see Dumbbell images. All the data is there Graham.

Not been here for a while but I see you've been busy through the Summer :)

Question is how did you manage to grab anything? Skies here have been awful [not that I was in a position to benefit].

Hope to get cracking next week. Silly season is virtually over at work.


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hi graham

good result for so few fames

i was looking forward to the yellow stripped version :P

there is probably more there as it looks as if you have clipped the black point

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