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Advice please

Guest Dex55

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In my quest to buy a secondhand 8mm Radian (however unlikely) Ihave joined Astro Buy and sell and placed a wanted ad there. Do you have any advice or pointers for me when using Astro B&S?

Thank you once again.


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Guest Kheldar

I don't really think there's much advice that can be given.

As with any distance purchase through a non moderated / protected site : buyer beware!

Try and get some photos, ask for a phone number if you feel more comfortable talking the seller.

Local sales are even better, you can go and look at the item first.

I've only ever had one problem on there, but the seller was good enough to refund me.

You won't have any protection though. Even if you pay the fees, PayPal don't have to protect you if you choose that form of payment.

I suppose if you use a CC you can always ask them to do a credit reversal if things go south.

On the whole it's a good forum with some good sellers. I've bought 75% of my kit from there.

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I've browsed it but never purchased anything through abs. It seems to have limited options for finding what you want and I tend to be impatient with naff software lol

I know quite a few folks who have had sucessful sales/purchases though on abs from full setups to just an eyepiece :)

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I have gone for ads on there but not once have I had a reply :( As has been said, buyer beware, see before you buy if you can and if it sounds too good.....GL ;)

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