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brilliant night 15th sept

cosmic dave

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Just a quick post to say thanks mark and justin for meeting me at gib point,the sky was fantastic tonight jupiter gave us a good show and mark did his best to show me some DSO,s sorry mark I'm a planet man lol... I'm sure mark will post a more in depth review shortly.

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Tonight was looking a little iffy but hopes were high as the forcast gave possible clear spells.

Thoughts were of the guys at Kelling (wishing we could join them) and hoping that all was going well.

The sky tonight was one of the best i have seen and transparency was superb.

I had set up tonight to try to image M31 with my newt so we were left with my ST 102 refractor and Daves 120mm refractor.

With the ST102 tonight we viewed M51! 2 distinct cores visible with the hint of an outer halo. The witches broom part of the Veil nebula but only with an O111 filter. M33 though this is a large diffuse object so was no more than a very faint smudge. M31 that seenem to stretch all the way across the field of view at low power. The double cluster looked good as always, so many faint stars visible.

I was intersted to see how some objects would look through Daves refractor tonight so asked if i could track down an object or two.

First up was M13 and i think even Dave was impressed how lovely this fine globular looked, bright and stars easily resolved, next was M71 though this is a lot fainter and not as condensed as M13. Then on to M15 which showed a really bright and compact core with a mottled appearance and a few stars resolved. M27 which appeared lovely and bright with an unmistakable shape and finally on to M57 showing a distinct ring. I must say i was impressed with the performance of Daves scope and how sharp the stars were.

Finally imaging run finishes so with the 8 inch newt we re-visited the Veil. Due to the increase in scope size the faint nebula was easily seen with the O111 filter and even when removed i could make out where it was, though i have to ask myself, was that just because i knew where i had seen it before?

Jupiter put in a late appearance tonight. For a start it was so low that it just appeared as nothing more than a seething orange blob. We waited patiently for Jupiter to rise and about Midnight it was starting to reveal some detail and both equatorial bands were visible. Also as an added bonus the moons were all line up on one side of the disc tonight.

I can honestly say that i really enjoyed tonight, the sky was beautifully clear and the weather and dew held off long enough for us to make a good night of it.

Clear skies.

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Don't forget the meteors and that flash and bang ! What was it ? I'm thinking a sea flare or ET now. ;)

Great report mark, see you at EMS1

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