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Fitting my new Lacerta Duel Speed Focuser.


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My first impressions are that this is a nice solidly built bit of kit. The focuser has a slightly tight feel to it, but this I would expect to ease off as it wears in. There are no instructions with it , which I feel lets it down a bit, but this will not present any problems to you.

First remove the original back plate and axle.

Remove the focus lock screw, the 4mm Allen screw and tension pad.

Here's the Lacerta focuser, note the small 2.5mm Allen screw in the brass collar.

Rotate the focuser to gain access to this through the hole provided and loosen so you can remove the axle.

This is to allow you to fit the tension pad.

Replace the other components onto the new back plate, leave the focus lock screw and the 4mm tension adjustment screw loose, this is so it does not foul when fitting the back plate onto the focuser body.

Using a 2mm Allen key, remove the left hand focuser knob off the old axle, and fit it onto the Lacerta axle.


This is now ready for fitting back onto the focuser body. Replace the four fixing screws, and get them all in place before tightening, also double check the focus lock screw and tension adjustment screw are not stopping the back plate sitting flush with the focuser body. Gently tighten the four fixing screws.

Then adjust the tension screw, this should be tight enough so that the focuser does not slip freely, but not that tight to allow slip at maximum and minimum extension.


You then have a nice new duel speed focuser without having to remove the entire unit and at a reasonable cost.

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I managed to get the scope out for a bit tonight, and started on Jupiter.

I can say that the focuser works a treat, and it is now easy to get straight to the sweet spot, without having to rack backwards and forwards to get a good image. I like the positive feel that it has as well, a nice smooth action and with the tension set correctly, no slop or play at all.

Well worth the money I would say.

Next time we are down a dark site (maybe this year!) come and have a twiddle and see what you think.

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Well mine arrived and I fitted it - no probs at all and it works fine with a WO 40mm Swan - absolutely smashing. That's a relief after the fiasco with the flocking - really didin't wanna mess up twice lol.

Thanks for the brilliant instructions Martyn - spot on all the way and great pics to illustrate. Took all the hesitation out of the job. :)

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Yup - it's a very nice bit of kit - smooth and positive action - easy to adjust - and handles my biggest eyepiece. Just gotta try it in the field now and I'm sure it's gonna make focusing easier and much more accurate - absolute bargain.

But first I gotta sort out that flocking mishap I had last w/e. Just got two rolls of black velour from Wilko's today so here goes ........ lol :)

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Guest Kheldar

365 Astronomy - that Zoltan chap - great service and very quick turn around :)

Cheers, may end up getting one as I've got my eye on something that will definitely need it .... :D

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