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M 27 again but with a sorted mount.


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Hi folks.

After spending the day at Kelling with the good folks from EMS and getting an insight on how to use DSS and PS 6 by watching Stephen process an image I got home with a new inspiration to do better.

My apologies must go to Stephen for the non stop barrage of questions, in fact I bet he was glad to see the back of me when I finally left. :D

First thing on the 'to do' list was Polar align my mount after its recent bearing mods.

After an hour spinning the scope over and over setting up the Polar scope I was ready for the night.

As soon as it was dark enough I spent another half hour getting the Polar alignment as spot on as I could get it.

Then it was on to a new 7 star alignment map for my EQ mod and I was ready to test it out.

I decided I would image M 27 again so I could compare it with the one I had done the other night.

After calibrating the guiding I set the rig to work.

Instead of the 30 second subs I had been restricted to tonight it was 180 second subs.

Apart from the odd glitch the guiding was spot on.

Two almost flat lines right across the PHD screen.

The drift problems I was getting and hence the bearing mod on the mount had completely disappeared.

I can report that the total drift on the image was less then 5mm on a full size BYE grid screen over 6 hours and I would put that down to the odd glitch which was probably due to the odd gust of wind.

Anyway down to the details.

Helios 200mm Newt.

Canon 350 D un-modded.

39 180 second subs at ISO 800.

11 darks.

Stacked in DSS.

Processed in PS 6.



Full sized photos at :-

https://dl.dropbox.c...27 birthday.jpg


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