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Which one?

Guest Dex55

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The last of my Greek lotto (not even a thousand euros so no begging letters) win is burning a hole in my pocket and I have just seen a 27mm TV Panoptic for sale on Astro B&S for £200 OR do I go with my original plan and buy the 8mm Radian( which was not bought for me for Christmas-sob!)

Is the 27mm too similar to my 22mm Nagler I know they differ in the FOV 68 Pan-82 Nag, so would it make better sense to buy the Radian?

Thanks for any help,

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Guest Kheldar

If I remember correctly, I've seen this question somewhere before.

Both EPs will show about the same amount of sky due to the different FOVs.

Radian might be the better call.

Or sending me the cash :D

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I got the 35mm Panoptic for £165 - I know I got a bargain cos it was in superb condition - likely it's worth around £200 so if you do get the 27mm you won't be far off pricewise Dex :)

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