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Went to Rutland Water today


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Spent the day at Rutland Water, first time i've been and pretty impressed by the size of the place. The weather wasn't great and the waves on the lakes were building up keeping alot of the waders at bay, but saw a couple of new birds for me, they were two female Smews and about 6 Pintails which was great. Thats about 132 birds in about 9 months.

Plenty there including Goldeneye, Teal, Goosanders and even a couple of Garganey. A walk through the woods showed a few Greater Spotted Woodpeckers and quite a few Kestrals.

Oh and also a few Godwits and Sandpipers on the beach pond.

Quite a nice day out despite the rain and wind.

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I've had some great days down there

1st time we went we got there before the centre opened and left at about 8 in the evening

Lots to see and plenty of hides

Last time we went was when Prince William got married

It was packed out but we got great views of the ospreys and I saw my 1st nightingale

Going on a walk down the Erewash valley tomorrow (Friday) if anybody interested give me a shout

Should be going to Frampton Marsh /freiston or Ouse washes next month

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Like the 'Red Heads' but have you ever seen a male Smew? What a bird, I had to go to Holland to see mine, 172 for the year, and 351 life list!!

Must have a 'birding' day out come Springtime??

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Wow Ron thats a good figure for the year. Never seen a male Smew but there was one reported in Titchwell at the beginning of the year but I wasn't at our caravan and missed it. Have heard they are very striking birds so really hope I see one soon.

Like the idea of a birding meet as well.

What kit do you use?

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Zeiss 10x40 BGAT's had them nearly 20 years! They cost me over £800 then!! I would'nt change them for anything!

Also use a Kowa 60x 20-40 scope on a Slik tripod ( that's almost as old as the bins!)

Newest 'lifer' this year was a Sabines Gull locally in September.Favourite bird is a Red Kite, of which we have a local pair this year, you?

Looking forward to New Years Day, off to Gibralter Point birding, anybody interested??

Edited by Ron Clarke
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Mines got to be Spoonbills and the Rough Legged Buzzard.

Can't make New years day busy with family duties, have a great time.

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