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IC63 Gamma Cass area


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Finally a clear night last night so I could get the bugs ironed out of my guiding on the CGE.

This was just a test image for proving the guiding but its a nice area so I processed it.

2 hours of subs starting at 5 minutes and increasing to 25 minutes to push the guiding as much as poss. Taken through the FLT98 with Atik 314 and 6nm Ha filter.

I shall give this area another look when I have sorted my star halo problems out, thought I had but gamma Cass was haloed beyond comprehension so I cropped it out.

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yep :) i was too busy faffing with the mount and stuff to concentrate fully on pinpoint focus. i wasnt going to post as its a tester for my guiding but it looked semi interesting. it proved the guidings working though

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I gather it is a sod to focus HA when it takes longer subs to see anything.

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