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Flocking Outside of Focuser tube?


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One thing I didn't do when I took apart my 200P to flock the enirety of the OTA was flock the outside of the focuser tube. I flocked the inside of it no problems.

I only really want to do it for aesthetics, as it stands out like a sore thumb now that I have coloured the back of the secondary mirror with black permanent marker. I was reading on an astro site that flocking the outside of the fouser tube doesn't provide any contrast benefits. Not sure of the validity of the statement myself.

Does anbody on here know if it is:

a ) possible to remove the focuser tube from the focuser unit itself?

b ) How do I do that?

c ) is it even worth doing it?

Any comments/advice welcomed :)

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I flocked mine on the outside while it was in place - there's enough of a gap to just tuck it under the tube side when at "full in-focus". Do it in 3 strips leaving enough room for the support bearings between each strip.

It's possible to take it out completely but I didn't want all the fuss of measuring and refitting/adjusting - it was a choice of which is the least fiddly for me. Not sure how essential it was - but I've seen it on bigger dobs and that was one deciding factor. :)

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Cool. Thanks Kim. I think I may leave it for now. The setting circle mod is keeping me busy enough for now anyway. Plus I may (next payday) finally set about doing lazy Susan bearing :)

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