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Binocular Tripods


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Hi everyone,

As you may know I am new to this. I was wondering if anyone had any advice/suggestions regarding a good sturdy tripod for use with my celestron skymaster 15x70 binoculars?

Currently I am using a generic telescopic tripod intended for use with a digital camera. Whilst it is nice and light the problem I have is that if I slightly knock the tripod whilst using the binoculars it wobbles all over the place and takes time to settle before I can start viewing again.

Any suggestions on a more sturdy model that would make observing a little easier would be gratefully received :)

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I'm not that familiar with purpose made tripods for binocs cos I use a generic one too. But I've heard folks talk a lot about the "Manfroto" range which seem to get a lot of favourable comments :)

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Guest Mark Payton

Someone from SGL very kindly sold me a manfrotto tripod, at 25 quid it isn't pretty but it is really sturdy. You should be able to get something very similar.

Top it off with a trip to jessops for a ball joint mount and you are all set!

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The Horizon 8115 is the one they rave about when used with binoculars.


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