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Another Newbie!

Guest CodnorPaul

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Guest CodnorPaul

Hi all

VERY new to astronomy - after years of having an interest I decided to buy my daughter a telescope for Christmas, problem is she cant use it as I am always on it! Without too much knowledge I have managed to find a few obvious things in the sky and have glimpsed a faint sight (I think) of the Orion nebula, and the stripes on Jupiter - well thats it, well hooked!

Currently I have (she has) a 4" reflector from Jessops which I am more impressed with than I thought I would be seen as it is not a normal brand for telescopes.

Any advice or knowledge on what to look at and where would be great - the sky where I live is not too light polluted but I am not in a dark sky area - where are the better places to go around the Ripley/Crich area (would be on my own as partner would have to stay with the kids)? Also I think the 4" may well be outgrown quickly at this rate - do you think a 10"/12" Dob would be a good choice to move on to once the knowledge has caught up a bit more? Sorry, one more question, where is the best place to buy/get advice round the Derbyshire area - Rother Valley seem to be the most local specialist store?

Thats it for now - apologies for so many questions!!!

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Welcome Paul!

Many of us have succumbed to the taint after viewing through another's scope... I blame Martyn for my final dive into the abyss! :lol:

Rother Valley Optics are well reputed, as are First Light Optics. I've used Harrison's Telescopes as well, and the service was good. Some links can be found in our Astro Links section. :)

Also check out Altair Astro who have a presence here on EMS.

Enjoy the forums.

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