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Using Images in Posts - Tutorials


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The following are tutorials showing how you can use the gallery or attachment features of the forum to use images in your posts.

Using the gallery means you will have a permanent album where all of your images are grouped together, but this takes a little more time and effort to use. Once images are uploaded to the gallery, you can share them in your posts.

Uploading images as attachments is quicker and easier than using the gallery, but people will only be able to see your images in the posts that you attach them to.

Use whichever your prefer. :)

Each of the videos below can be viewed in high quality full screen by clicking on the link in the top of the video player.


1. Create a Gallery

2. Upload an Image to the Gallery

3. Share an Uploaded Image in a Post - Method 1

4. Share an Uploaded Image in a Post - Method 2


1. Share an Uploaded Image in a Post - Method 3 (Gallery Not Needed)

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