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My 200P

Daz Type-R

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Due to the poor windy weather I deceided to take some pictures of my scope while it was in the house due to me aligning the Telrad, the finder scope and the main scope.







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Looks good Darren - I like the electronic focuser and the telrad dewshield - 200P Dob's a good scope - congrats :)

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Cheers guys, yeah she is 1 year old today, so thought it best to bring it in, re-align everything to make sure it is aligned and give it a quick clean.

Loving it so far but I love modding it as when I find I have an issue, the electronic focuser is a God send for me, I have unsteady hands and while trying to focus I found the scope was all over the shop, no issues now!!!

Only had the Telrad a few weeks, it has been all over the shop held on by pull ties untill I stuck it in it's current resting place.

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Sure Ron, I got it from FLO, see direct link below.....


£44.90, which is a bargain.

You just unscrew one of the focuser knobs, then unscrew all 4 of the screws that hold the bottom plate to the focuser, place the mounting plate on the bottom of the focuser then screw it in place (where you have just unscrewed the bottom plate). Next, fit the motor to the mounting plate and then the motor to the focuser shaft and that's it. Decide where you want the control box and stick in place, then connect the control box to the motor. Job done, took me about 20 minutes.

There is an in and out button, and a speed selector.

For £45, a cracking bit of kit.

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Lovely scope Darren. My 200p should be arriving between tomorrow and Wednesday!

Can you tell that I am super excited!!! I like the sound of the auto focuser! However I think I will need I get to grips with he scope itself first before buying any extras! Well I may get some more eyepieces ;)


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Yeah I am in desperate need of some ep's. Every time I save up to get some, I spot something else that (at the time) seemed more important. From modding the dobs base, to collimation tools, to books, right angled correcting finder scopes and Telrads, my current mod is dew prevention, just been given a powerful battery and have just finished making my own battery box, just need to get the controller and heat pads next, also getting a Astrozap dew shield at the end of the month. Then once I have that lot, on to buying ep's.

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