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Trumpler 1


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Ive been sketching stuff for donkeys years for my logs but never tried to posh them up, so heres my 1st attempt. Drawn last night, see observation report 5th December

Drawn at eyepiece scanned then inverted in PS plus a little tidying up.Ive got a couple more from last night which I will sort out once Ive stripped another wall of woodchip, will decorating never end :(

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Nice one Phil, sketching is not for me but it is a good way to record what you have seen.

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Thanks guys, I really enjoyed sketching this one because its a challenge. Its a very small cluster and the 4 main stars are surrounded by the fainter ones which are just on the edge of vision in my rig at high mag. Therefore this took a long time to sketch but it did the trick though I was pulling the fainter stuff out eventually. It teaches you to observe properly this sketching lark

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