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KELLING AUTUMN 2012 Please read


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Hi guys,

I've just heard from Kelling regarding this autumn's 2012 bookings.

They say that two pitches remain unconfirmed and unpaid for the EMS group booking.

The dates are 13-16th September 2012.

During the change over in SGL we lost all our old files so unfortunately our comfirmation list was also lost.

What I need people who have paid and confirmed please tell me here.

I'll will start it off....

226 Doc Paid and confirmed

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The dates on the bookings are 13th - 16th Sept but I know one or two folks extended it. Here's the pitch numbers (all in Blue field) and a start with what we know so far:

240 - Oshb5

239 - Kh3ldar


237 - CGoulder

229 - PhilJ

228 - David Pugh

227 - Glider

226 - Doc

225 - Baz Senior

224 - Rusty Strings

223 - Damnut

222 - geeznova

218 - Celeste

Damnut says he has 234? please check mate. And Philj and Rusty have paid but don't know which pitches lol please check guys. Also Noel and Rob are shacking up I understand - but which pitch? lol

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Guest Kheldar

I'm categorically paid up as I had to chase Di (oo-er) for the confirmation which Kim provided for me.

However Kim, you only ever sent me the reservation confirmation, not the payment confirmation?

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We didn't get a payment confirmation Stephen - the ones I've listed above have all paid - we just need to know who the others are and which pitches so we can put Kelling right. I'm sure everyone's paid and Kelling have made a faux pas :)

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Sounds like I'm at the wrong end again, the party is down the other end! :)

You should be pleased, at least you will get some sleep.

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i remember something about the pitches being sold or up for sale before last years meet, so i metioned to Noel about bunking together, pitches are big and his tents looks lost on it, you did agree at he time Noel but if you want your own pitch it`s no problem and i`ll have one of the spare ones if theres some left.

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Thanks Phil/John. :)

We are sure everyone who booked has paid - no probs there with us - we just want to be able to tell Kelling who has paid, and for which pitch, cos they've botched it somewhere along the line. And we lost the list when SGL removed the "Communities Sections" and deleted all the threads. :)

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if your sure,

if you recall, talk at the time was that most or all of the pitches had been sold for the Autumn 2012 meet, they do seem to sell fast at Kelling ! although i didn`t think there where as many in the blue field as there was in the 2010 meet,

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