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Arctic to Become Next Gateway to Space?


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Sweden's small Arctic town of Kiruna has a surprisingly international airport with regular flights to London and Tokyo, but it has even bigger plans: to offer commercial space flights.


Spaceport Sweden, a company founded in 2007, hopes to be able to provide the first flights within a decade from Kiruna's airport.


"We're working on establishing commercial flights from Sweden to space for tourism and research, and to create a launching pad at the airport," explained the company's enthusiastic director, Karin Nilsdotter, seated in her office at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF).


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Interesting idea but I have to ask,

What is going to happen to all that ice when the rockets blast off.

I mean all that heat is not going to do the ice cap much good is it.

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I would imagine there may be the possibility of seeing one go, even from here if it's comes our way! By the time it gets to altitude, we might see it.

It probably won't and if it did it would be cloudy.

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Very interesting, cheers Craig.


Better snap up those tickets quickly then, they've already sold 200 million dollars worth :lol: .

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