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Skywatcher Skymax SynScan setup help

Guest Fluke

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Hi Guys

As you know I got my first scope crimbo day. I've only observed the Moon & Jupiter so far, manually slewing and fine adjusting (both look great!).

I've had a few goes trying to set up the 2 star alignment so I can use the goto function, and frankly I'm struggling :(

I tried again tonight. Gone through the set-up, set date, time and gps location. Move onto 2 star alignment and selected Deneb as my first star. Get it in the finder and main scope and set. Then given choice of 2nd star to align too, select Dubhe and press enter... Then the scope automatically slews west instead of towards my target star in the north east! This has happened everytime I try and set up no matter which 2 stars I use. I'm sure it's operator error rather than anything wrong with the scope!?

Any help would be appreciated :)

Thanks, Dan

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My fault, yes it was on American date setting. Can't believe I missed that. Doh!

Will try again tomorrow night to see if that sorts it and will let you know.

Thanks for help buddy! Sometimes it takes someone else to point out the blindingly obvious lol

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