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Stargazing Live 2013 in the East Midlands (Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire)


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There are a number of events going on in the East Midlands. If you know of one, please post the details as a response to this post and I'll update it. If possible, please include a link.



  1. Saturday 5th January - Star Gazing at Sherwood Pines Forest Park, Mansfield
  2. Tuesday 8th January - Anu Oja - Mars as the Abode of Life at the Long Eaton School, Nottingham
  3. Wednesday 9th January - Chris Newsome - A Beginners Guide to the Moon at the Long Eaton School, Nottingham
  4. Wednesday 9th January - Stargazing Live at the Sherwood Observatory, Sutton in Ashfield


  1. Tuesday 8th January - Stargazing Live at Bolsover Library, Chesterfield
  2. Friday 11th January - Stargazing Night at Hardwick Hall, Chesterfield
  3. Friday 11th January - Stargazing Live at Erewash Museum, Ilkeston
  4. Saturday 12th January - Alvaston Park Star Party at Alvaston Park, Derby
  5. Saturday 12th January - Stargazing Night at Hardwick Hall, Chesterfield


  1. Tuesday 8th January - Stargazing Live at University of Leicester


  1. Friday 11th January - Star Maker! at Isaac Newton Primary School, Grantham
  2. Friday 18th January - Observing the Night Sky at Lincoln Astronomical Society, Lincoln
  3. Saturday 19th January - Observing the Night Sky at Lincoln Astronomical Society, Lincoln
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Craig, the Hardwick Hall event is on Fri 11th, not Sat 12th

Cheers, Dan


According to the BBC website it's on for two days, 11th and 12th.


Great - thanks for that! 


No worries. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Anybody got any links to Leicester activities I can put up?


Any events you know of in the other areas that I can link to?



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Hey Craig, the only one I know of is the below event at leicester Uni but the tickets have now all gone. I am fairly certain that if anyone in the area went along its more than likely they would get in though ;) For example last year (which I missed due to an annoying overstay at work!) I phoned to get tickets and asked the question "do you still have tickets left?" the response was a sarcastic laugh and tone of voice from a young lady saying "umm yeah we've got loads!"

For whatever reason lots of people won't turn up so if local then it's worth going along. I got two tickets, the missus is supposed to be coming but I will post in this thread if her ticket becomes available i.e. she gets a better offer to do something less that night ;)


Edited by catman161
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Katie can come round for a session here if you like Felix - I'll look after her for you while you're out  hehehe :)

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Ha ha Kim! Are you not in attendance then? I imagined that they would have nabbed you to show off all your impressive gear :)

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It's in the week mate - so much as I'd like to join the merry throng I'm gonna be either knackered or delayed by the motorway unfortunately. I have done them in the past when it's been a weekend do :)

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Hi there, here's another event to add to the list.


Ilkeston & District AS - Stargazing Live 2013 Event



Friday January 11th (7pm start):  Free Observing Night & Exhibition at Erewash Museum, High Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 5JA.  IDAS members will be showing off the night sky (weather permitting!) with a range of telescopes.  There will be various presentations, along with a display of member’s drawings and photographs.  Refreshments are being organised by the Friends of Erewash Museum. 


See the following links:-








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Talk about the North South divide.

We have one single event around here.

I have got to move. :(

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Yep indeedy!

Was very impressed. They were friendly & well organised. Shame they were only using a 15mm eyepiece in the 24" inch newt, as I wanted to see Jupiter as large in the eyepiece as I remembered it the first time I saw it through the same scope 25 years ago.

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Guest Tinkerbell

Well, having been to the long eaton school for both stargazing events (tuesday 8th & wed 9th), I want to go back to school! - that one in particular!!

Apart from the lectures being really interesting in themselves, it was great to see the dedication and enthusiasm that the teachers there had for astronomy! Yay!

Well it can't be bad having your own observatory at school!

And it was totally brill to be able to hold a piece of mars! - as well as some from the moon , and various meteorites.

It was a real shame that the weather was bad on tuesday, when we had a good turnout of some of the gang with their fine telescopes; thanks to sheila , stephen, darren, mike, martyn and of course phil with his gorgeous antique piece!

Of course extra majorly big thanks to mike for organizing it for us to be able to be there , as well as actually take part in the event ourselves. There seemed to be lots of people, both adults and children, who appeared very interested in everything that was on offer, including chatting to our gang with their 'scopes , though sadly indoors, cos of the cloudy, drizzly skies on tuesday. But a successful evening nevertheless, both for the school and for us; I tried to do my bit too by chatting people up, in the friendliest possible way of course, and handing out loads of our leaflets! (thanks to sheila for those) - I hope I was a reasonable sort of ' ambassador' for us!

Wednesday evening on the other hand turned out to be good for actual observing, in addition to the lecture.

Our mike and martyn did an absolutely fantastic job showing queues of people, (adults and children), some of the wonders to be seen up there.

And they were brilliant at explaining all sorts of stuff, whether telescope related, or about the stars, planets and other wonders that can be seen.

Martyn had set up his ' scope' to view jupiter, and it looked really good. Meanwhile in the school observatory, they were also looking at jupiter; but many people actually said to martyn that the image of jupiter was much better viewed through his telescope as opposed to the image of jupiter as seen through the big school telescope!!!

Poor hayley! Cos people did comment about this to her and I would imagine it would be disappointing to say the least!! And she is so nice too! - she made us all feel very welcome which was great. And it will be good when she joins EMS too.

Anyway, well done mike & martyn for helping to make the wednesday stargazing event a success both for the school and of course as fab ambassadors for EMS!

Thanks again to all who came and took part,.and especially mike for doing the organising bit.

It seems that keeping in touch with the long eaton school may be of interest to us in the future too. Well they certainly seem to have the right contacts, being able to get stuff from the national space centre etc. Not to mention the scientist who gave the lecture on tuesday - and whose name I can't remember right now! - well he's been on the telly!! - cool!

krys xx

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi everyone,

Im looking for someone to write an article for a newsletter about astronomy. Typical ideas would include news updates, what to look out for in the sky, any events that are coming up in the area, that kinda thing.

It's South Normanton Newsletter, its going to be published and sent to 5000 houses in the area.

Let me know if you think you're the next Carl Sagan

[email protected]

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Hi Cory and welcome to EMS. :)


You'll probably get more visibility and a better response if you pop a intro about yourself in the Welcome Section along with your request for newsletter writers. :)

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