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what a night !

red dwalf

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well having bought some Baader wonder fluid for x mas, i decided i`d clean the corrector plate on the SCT, put it back together last night, tonight "Monday" it was clearish here and there Moon bright but Jupiter looked tempting, so i set up an 7pm.

firstly i slewed to a bright star to check the colmination of the scope, it was way off ! Don`t know how as i put the corrector plate back exactly where it came from.

i had a horriable disc Pattern with a white line from the middle of the airy disc to the edge, so i let out the colmination screws a full turn and started again, after a while i managed to get it as near as possiable and thought i`d have a look at M42, amazing site as usual, then dew formed everywhere, ran inside for the hairdryer to clean off the corrector and moved on the webcam Jupiter, what a pain, it seems to work for me first time or not at all, spent about an hour and a half and ended up with 1000 frames of rubbish, too ashamed to post it L.O.L.

massive problem with more dew everytime i tried to get good focus had to keep getting hairdryer out, neighbours must have thought i was nuts.

well i`ll keep trying,

i might post the image when i`ve had more chance to do something with it. "like delete it"

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The SCT corector plate is what I call the Dew Collector

I use both a heater tape and a camping mat about a foot long,it usually keeps the dew off long enough to get a good number of avi's

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Dew is a big problem with the SCT. I made an integral heater for my old C11 so it was as close as possible to the corrector plate and then made a 24" long dew shield out of a Homebase flip top bin, that worked quite well but was an excellent sail in teh wind.


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i would i think Derek, got to get something sorted for sure,

noticed that you have a Baader Aspheric 36mm Hyperion in your collection, what do you think of it ? looking for either a 32mm or 36mm for my collection for widefiled viewing.

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I use a dew-shield made from camping mat as I didn't want to introduce heat, it works a treat.

As said its about 2 foot long and since I started using it I haven't had a dew problem.

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