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Altair 8" f4 Imaging Newtonian (ex-demo)

Guest Kheldar

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Guest Kheldar

Finally TNT let me into the building to picky my new precious up :) Thankfully no police were lurking around on the A52 on the way home else I might of been in trouble :)

Apologies if you are reading earth titans thread on SGL as this is going to be much of the same as he stole all the mods I had in mind!

It's in superb condition! The only defect I can see on the outside of the tube is a small scuff near the primary cell screws. The mirror may have two or three small spots that I suspect are dust but will check tomorrow when I strip it down.

Here's what was in the box.


The inclusion of one of the shiny blue dovetails was really nice, I've been drooling over these for ages but always settled for second hand ADM ones ......

Here's a comparison next to the 200P. It's only about 4" shorter due to the extended nose after the focuser, and weighs about the same I think. No scales used so it's just my interpretation. You can see the huge difference in focuser position though!


The lovely back end (oo-er!) No immediate signs of slop in the primary cell, but I have the silicone just in case ...


The focuser which on face value looks better than I've read of it. Doesn't appear to be much (if any!) slop to it, so I might hold off on transplanting the Steeltrack just yet ....


The front baffles, secondary and spider. The tube really isn't as grey as the flash makes out, but I still plan to flock it a bit :)


And finally one all the way down the tube. The baffles go right the way to the bottom! I don't think I can be bothered (yes I'm lazy!) to try and flock between the baffles.


So metaphorically speaking, all dressed up and no where to go! I'm sure the clouds will clear at the most inconvenient point for me to test this out :)

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That blue dovetail looks interesting - if you're after a beefier blue "plate" style dovetail from the same stock I'd be interestd in a trade of some sort (I'm after a smaller one) just let me know :)

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Guest Kheldar

Thanks guys.

Yes Rob it's f4.

and yes Martyn, I'm going to have to get that collimation down to a tee! Might be time to give in and try the Barlowed laser rather than Cheshire followed by standard laser ...

Can't afford a Cats Eye yet!

Can't afford the gas bill either now but that's another matter :D

Kim PM en route ;)

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