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At the end of the day its all been too much.


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They say its a Dogs life well Cats don't do so bad either.

This prize specimen of feline alertness belongs to my better half.

Sorry about the ugly git it is using as a sofa.


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we`ve got a ginger cat like that, lovely thing, and a kitten thats a bit too noisey and playfull for it`s own good, as i found out yesterday it likes to rip bits of wallpaper off the wall !

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Its only when I had looked at the photo I  thought ' that is a big cat '

Never noticed before.

Strange but i suppose it is because I see it every day that it never dawned on me.

Martyn you are not kidding my legs are numb when I get him to move.

He also tends to dig his claws in when he dreams so not only are my legs numb they look like a second hand dart board. :unsure::lol:

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We get that as well. One of our's is a lardy lad, well not fat, just big. To keep a balance with the Universe, he has the IQ of an house brick.

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