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Peter Higgs: honour for physicist who proposed particle


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Physicist Peter Higgs, after whom the Higgs boson particle is named, has been recognised in the New Year Honours.


In the 1960s, Prof Higgs and other physicists proposed a mechanism to explain why the most basic building blocks of the Universe have mass.


The mechanism predicts the existence of a Higgs particle, the discovery of which was claimed this year at the Large Hadron Collider.


Prof Higgs has been made a Companion of Honour.


Old news that I forgot the post. :)

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Yeah, saw that tucked away in the paper. Obliterated by all the athletes and civil servants getting their gongs.


I think the Companion of Honour is quite senior - only him and Lord Coe got one this year.

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It's about time the people who get their hands dirty got recognition, never mind all these vacuum headed "celebrities".

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