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5th January Auriga Doubles


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Poor visibility with loads of high mist and thin cloud but I just had to get out with a scope for once.


Scope = 127 Meade EDT on Celestron CGE mount


Decided to have a go at some Auriga doubles


Omega Aur - STF 616

A nice easy pair to start with. A mag 5 and mag 8 pair at 5.4" separation. Easy with the 13mm vixen (73x) No colour difference just a nice mag contrast


5 Aur (STT 92.

A bit closer now with a 3.7" separation with mag 6 and 9 components. Could just catch the fainter component with 73x but dead easy with 190x (5mm vixen)


STF 644

A colour contrast pair this at 6.8 and 7 mag and 1.6" separation.

No chance splitting at 73x but 190x showed space between them easily. Colour was a little difficult but I would say they were Orange primary with blue white secondary, difficult to tell in the conditions tonight.


14 Auriga

A real tester this one, a triple with 5.1. 11.1 and 7.4 mag components. Separation is 11.1 between the brighter components and 14.5" for the fainter. No way with 73 or 190x could I find the fainter component but the main pair was a nice sight.


AE Auriga in the Flaming star

The mount decided not to drive in RA at this point so game over for tonight... drat

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Cracking report Phil, interesting and enjoyable read. I only got in from what was supposed to be a quiet one just now! I must admit as we left at 8pm yesterday I looked up thinking I would much rather be out learning about my new mount and polar alignment. Hey ho it was SWMBO's birthday yesterday so of course we had to celebrate both nights! :)

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Guest Ely Ellis

Excellent Phil,


I had my scope out last night but had loads of trouble with alignment and all I got to see was Jupiter.


However what I saw of Jupiter was far better than I have seen it before, noting that I could see 4 bands clearly and also darkend polar regions. Before colimating my scope, I could only just make out 2 bands from my back yard.


Would have loved to get some doubles in last night, but things just didn't go my way.





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Hi Pat, the separation is in most databases and gives you a good idea of how its going to look. My favourites are the small seps, these test me, the kit and the seeing, makes observing them a bit more interesting. Sometimes a non split on a pair says more than an easy split

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And to finish off the report last night, I went back to try for AE Aurig in the Flaming star nebula and now my mounts working I found it, whehey


 mag 6 and 8.5 double with a nise easy separation of 8.4". This was dead easy at 73X and you could drive a bus through the gap at 190X. No colours discernable to me at either mag just white stars.

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