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How technology changes...


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Is a shame they could not shrink the dish with the same level of increased power that they have done with the computers.

We could all have one at home.

Think what we would have discovered by now.

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I remember those old pics Bernard Lovell showed us when he visited my high school when I was a small kid (I'm just a big one now lol). And seeing the new gear when I visited JB last year was a total contrast - we even saw the dish move as they parked it in strong winds - awesome beast it is. Good comparison Craig :)

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That reminds me so much of when I started in the power industry, the control rooms were all big dials and frankenstein switchgear, now its all pcs, monitors and plcs, I had a hand in some of the conversion at various power stations, I wished Id kept some of the old gear we threw out tho

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Guest MakkaPakka1

Visited Jodrell Bank a few times, first being when I was about 5. To say that the dish was massive and a little intimidating would be an understatement!

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