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i just wondered if any one has got details for the Leicester Astronomical Society or other local groups, i'm new to astronomy and only have a pair of binoculors at the moment and a book from the library to get me started and i would appreciate any help or tips espcially with trying to work out the night sky and where objects are, book recomendations would be most welcome.

Could anyone recommend any dark places in the Leicester area that astronomers use.

Many thanks

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

A pair of bino's is the perfect way to start learning the night sky.

Book wise have a look at Turn left at Orion, that's a good book, also look at a star atlas, Sky and telescope do a cracking star atlas.

As for dark sites, we have a dark site that we use at Wymswold (not far from Leicester), your more than welcome to pop along when we are there, the first visit is free, just to see if you like it, then further visits require you to be a dark site member which is £20 a year, which is a bargain!!!!

We also have a dark site up at Belper.

Hope you enjoy the forum, any questions fire away in the relevant section.

Hope to see you at a meet soon, keep an eye on the announcements section.

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Guest Tweedledum

Hi There and welcome to EMS. Couple of good books, 'sky & Telescope pocket star atlas' and 'Turn Left At Orion' these provide a quick & easy guide to the sky and will teach you how to find objects by star hoipping.


As you have access to a computer of sorts!, also try Stellarium, this is a free planetarium program and is available as a download from here :--- http://www.stellarium.org/en/


The best way to start learning what is where in the night sky is with a pair of binos and a good book!. Watch online for our meets and come along to see what kit folk have.



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Hi and welcome


as you can see there are a lot of folks to help with any questions etc on here.  Friendly bunch :)



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Hi, if you are Leicester based then the next meeting of the Leicester Astronomical Society is on Tuesday 22nd at 7:30 at the Space Centre. I'll be going along hopefully, so would be happy to have a chat if you could make it.


I'm hoping to make a trip up to the new Wymeswold dark site sometime soon, so could maybe offer a lift.


As for guides, I'd agree with the comments above. Additionally, if you have a tablet or smart phone you can get 'Stellarium' type apps (or Google Sky I think) that are excellent as you can point your tablet at the sky and it will tell you what you are pointing at.


(As a tip on the forum, to avoid broadcasting personal stuff post another few messages (8 I think) and you get access to additional functionality so you can send and receive Private Messages to/from individuals).


There's also the CentralMidlansStargazers (find it in Google) Yahoo Group who have a site south of Leicester and quite often pop out for an impromptu observing session when it is clear. Again, I intend to get along to one of these sometime soon so could maybe offer a lift.


And ask as many stupid questions of the guys on here as you can. Everyone has asked the same questions before at some stage, so you are guaranteed to get some excellent advice!

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Hi Rick and a warm welcome to EMS. :)


I'm a member of Leicester Astro Soc and it would be good to see you there if I can make it to the next meeting. As mentioned we have two dark sites at Wymeswold and Belper and you'd be most welcome to join us for a session at either. You'll find all members happy to give you a view through their scopes and help you to get the best from your bins.


We often hold meetings where we discuss finding things in the sky but by far the best way is to get out there and start gazing with friends. Additionally - leave a message here if you fancy a quick intro to the sky tonight - I live in Leicester and you'd be welcome to come round for a short session.


Hope you enjoy the forum and that we see you soon at a meet (watch the Info and Announcements section for EMS meets especially at the weekends). :)

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Welcome to EMS.


This group of folks are all the help I needed when I started out in astronomy. Plus, Sheila makes awesome cakes that I just don't think you'd find at LAS. :P


Joining a local group is a great idea as it will not only help you with your astronomy but it'll help you meet like-minded individuals too. For me, astronomy without my friends here on EMS would be pretty dull and lonely. :)


You can find some local socities in our links section, here.


As mentioned, we also have members from Leicester on here and we've got a dark site at Wymeswold.


Good luck with your observing. :)

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Hi Rick, welcome to EMS


If you could make one of the meets, there's bags to see, get some dark skies and you will be amazed at what you can find.

In the meantime, enjoy the forum.

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