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Is Andromeda to the right of Jupiter right now?

Guest MrsR

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Sort of. The plieades is immediately to the right - follow a line from Jupiter through center of the plieades and extend it 4 or 5 times the distance between the two - that's where andromeda is right now and it's plainly visible in bins (and naked eye but a tad fainter) - I just looked :)


Get the 250P on it lol!!

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Ohhh what a shame Nicky - did you get the bins on it at all? Or at least find where it is? It's dead hard to find first attempt - but after that you'll get it spot on every time. :)

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Guest Ely Ellis

Hi Nikki,


Like Eddy, I spent night after night trying to find it.

I knew I was looking for a faint fuzzy patch and I was in the right area, then one night, suddenly there it was, still a faint fuzzy and exactly where I had been looking previously.

So, if you don't find it, don't give up, its probably the most difficult thing I have found so far, but once found, I can return to it again and again without any problem.


Good luck.



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It took me ages to find it for the first time. Now I wish somebody could turn it down a bit as I can't look upwards without seeing it :lol:


Easiest way to find it is either from Cas or Peg, it sits nicely between the 2, but as I'm sure you saw SGL last night, they explained it fairly well. At this time of year and around 8pm, start from the highest point on the square of Peg, then hop 2 stars up, the first one is quite faint. The second star up being Minach, it's roughly the sme distance from the top star of the square as the length of one of the squares sides. From Minach hop right, there are 2 stars in a line, the second one being probably about half the square's length away from Minach. Just to the right and down a tad from the 2nd star and there it is. It's viewed best with Bino's and some averted vision, not because it's faint, but because it lights up with not much surface contrast, so it can be difficult to make it out.

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"I won't look for anything else till I find it"


Depends on the seeing Nicky - sometimes you have to give up if it's murky or the moons out cos it just gets washed away. But keep coming back to it for a few mins each session - eventually you'll find the thing lol :)

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