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An open letter to President Obama: The time on the Doomsday Clock is five minutes to midnight


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January 14, 2013


Dear President Obama,


2012 was a year in which the problems of the world pressed forward, but too many of its citizens stood back. In the US elections the focus was "the economy, stupid," with barely a word about the severe long-term trends that threaten the population's well-being to a far greater extent: climate change, the continuing menace of nuclear oblivion, and the vulnerabilities of the world's energy sources. 2012 was the hottest year on record in the contiguous United States, marked by devasta...


An interesting and insightful read, if a little on the depressing side.

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There are too many nut jobs with access to devastating weapons. I count all world leaders in that assessment. No single man should have the power to destroy so arbitrarily.

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Some time ago we watched a documentary about all the undocumented radio active material there was about.

In the Congo, a hospital was deserted during a war, the people who looted the hospital thought it would be a hoot to cover themselves in this glowing dust! This was from a smashed X-Ray machine.

It turns out they didn't last long, but all it needs some nut to get hold of it and a major population centre has real problems.

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